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    site behavior rules and chatbox rules


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    site behavior rules and chatbox rules  Empty site behavior rules and chatbox rules

    Post  Luna on Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:58 am

    Chatbox rules

    Do not ask the staff for anything please respect that the staff are The staff you do not ask them for stuff on chatbox at least not if they do not want to me you can ask me anytime PM or anything but that is me If your are asked by a staff member to stop you stop

    (2 do not bring any of your shit onto the chatbox nobody wants to deal with it. Its your shit you can swear at people but know the risk. However you cannot be expected to get along with everybody in your life if you are causing any uncomfort in the chatbox I or one of my staff will kick you off for thirty minutes. If you have someone in the chatbox who you think needs to be kicked bring it up with us PM myself or my staff

    Behavior rules


    firstly do not boast if you win a battle it will make the victim feel like a worm if me or one of my staff catch you at this you will be warned and punishments may result depending on how harsh the boast was.

    (2 if you have a problem with your chars death well sort it out in the conflict resolution area.

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