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    Jutsu Rules  Empty Jutsu Rules

    Post  Luna on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:06 am

    Jutsu Rules

    Okay I am going to cover two points on this topic the making jutsu rules and the RPing jutsu rules

    To make a jutsu you need to have at least two sentences of description (what the jutsu does) and a sentence of its appearance (what it looks like)
    Also never make an A rank jutsu if you are a Genin if you plan to use it because you will definitely go “bye, bye” and die messing up the jutsu. you can make the Jutsu and wait for Jounin rank.

    Also be accurate do not have an ability like “ this wind release creates a shock wave so powerful it has a chance of breaking your back and killing you” because we will have to bump it up to B rank or A rank.


    When you are a Genin your comfortable area of jutsu is C rank you can use two B rank jutsu in one topic and that is it one more and you will die. However special conditions apply R.E. Bijju or jiruncuchi or your class favours you.

    Know your limits with jutsu you should be roughly be able to guess what you limit is if not we will be watching your topic.

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